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Rectal intercourse parties. 1 This event can be called chemsex.

Rectal intercourse parties. 1 This event can be called chemsex.

Some homosexual, bisexual along with other males who possess intercourse with men (gbMSM) utilize drugs especially to facilitate or enhance intimate encounters. This sensation is usually called celebration and play (PnP). There are a selection of main reasons why gbMSM be involved in PnP. In this specific article we talk about the medications most frequently employed for PnP in Canada, exactly how typical PnP is within Canada, the potential risks of PnP linked to sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections (STBBIs), and exactly how companies can offer help for men who PnP inside their communities.

What’s PnP?

PnP may be the usage of specific medications by some gbMSM before or during intercourse particularly to facilitate, maintain or enhance encounters that are sexual.

Participation in PnP happens to be doable because of the utilization of online online dating sites and hook-up apps that allow gbMSM to quickly locate males thinking about PnP inside their area. 2 Men use specific code terms (such as for instance chems, faves, celebration, blowing hot brunette sex clouds) inside their online pages to point they would like to meet up to PnP, just one using one or in an organization. PnP can take destination at events held in public places venues, such as for example bathhouses and premises with backrooms/darkrooms, or maybe more informally in someone’s home or apartment. 3

Why do dudes take part in PnP?

There are a selection of reasons gbMSM participate in PnP. Some men use PnP to:

  • Increase their intimate self-confidence and help them overcome their self-doubt, human anatomy image dilemmas and intimate insecurities 4,5
  • Increase their libido or libido, that might have changed while they age 5
  • Produce a feeling of community through involvement 6
  • Enhance emotions of closeness and connection that is intercourseual sex partners — some men describe really intense emotions of closeness being in contact with their very own senses and also the desires of the partner once they PnP 5
  • Increase their intimate durability, enabling them to own intercourse for longer amounts of time without ejaculating or even prepare yourself to possess intercourse once more right after ejaculating — this could additionally provide for intercourse with increased partners throughout the exact same period of time 5
  • Participate in a far more range that is diverse of tasks due to a loss in inhibition 4,5

For some gbMSM that is HIV-positive can help them to cope with negative emotions as a result of stigma and discrimination linked to their HIV status and/or sex. 5,6

What medications can be used for PnP?

The medications most frequently related to PnP in Canada are crystal methamphetamine (crystal meth), gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB) and ketamine. These medications are utilized simply because they increase intimate arousal and gratification, while motivating disinhibition. 2

Crystal meth

Crystal meth (Tina, T, crystal, ice, meth, rate) could be swallowed, smoked in a cup pipe, snorted, inserted in to the anus (“booty bump”) or blended with water and injected right into a vein (“slamming”). The effects of crystal meth will last as much as twenty four hours, although doses usually are duplicated every hours that are few enhance power or even to stay high. The results of crystal meth include euphoria (experiencing intense pleasure or excitement), increased energy, improved self- confidence, impulsivity, paid down experience of discomfort, intense intimate stimulation and lowered inhibitions. 7


Gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB, G, Gina) and gamma-butyrolactone (GBL) are drawn in really small doses diluted with water or any other fluids such as for example a non-alcoholic drink. Doses of GHB/GBL usually are duplicated every couple of hours approximately, with regards to the effectiveness. The consequences of GHB/GBL consist of euphoria, lowered inhibitions and an elevated sexual drive. Some men have more powerful erections and much more intense sexual climaxes when they just simply just take GHB/GBL. It’s relaxant impacts so makes anal that is receptive easier or maybe more enjoyable. 7

GHB/GBL are thought “date-rape” medications because although an individual are acceptable to intimate tasks, their capability to create and assert intimate boundaries is reduced. This implies they might maybe not meaningfully be able to consent to intercourse. 7


Ketamine (K, Special K, cereal) can be an anaesthetic. It could be snorted, inserted into muscle tissue, swallowed, or smoked combined with tobacco or cannabis. The consequences of ketamine final between 40 and 90 mins after it really is snorted or more to 3 hours after it really is swallowed or injected. How many times doses are repeated is based on the method it really is taken.

Ketamine numbs real discomfort. In little doses it may offer an energy boost that is minor.

Moderate doses can cause emotions of leisure and disconnection or disassociation through the human anatomy. Higher quantities induce psychedelic journeys (“K hole”) and hallucinations. Ketamine boosts the wish to have intercourse but causes it to be harder to help keep a hardon. It assists relax the anal area, which, with the drug’s numbing effects, helps it be easier for males to possess rough intercourse and be fisted (having a fist placed in to the anus). 7

Other medications

Men who PnP may use other substances also, such as for example poppers, cocaine, MDMA (ecstasy), cannabis and liquor before, during or after having a PnP session. Impotence problems drugs (such as for example Viagra) are utilized by some guys to counter the effects of crystal meth or ketamine, which could allow it to be tough to get or keep an erection. Mixing different drugs may be dangerous as it could result in medication interactions or overdose that is potential. As an example, combining poppers and Viagra may cause a fall in blood circulation pressure, that could trigger fainting, a swing or even a heart attack.

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