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Megan Bogg

Hi, i have requested my pupil finance, and also have been awarded ?4054, But my mum is on not as much as 25k a year. I rang them up and so they stated its that I sent for proof of my mums divorce because they haven’t processed the decree absolute. I must hold back until the first June to get away if they are planning to reassess it, but I am really, really worried. They will have updated the system and stated that I am awarded with ?4054 while having delivered a page confirming that quantity, is it probably be changed?

Tom Grindrod

Mike Courtney

What are the results in the event that moms and dads earnings significantly falls during the entire year (ie through jobless). Will there be method that the upkeep loan are reassessed and increased?

Jake Butler

Yes there clearly was an easy method. It is possible to submit an application for modification of circumstances. Please contact student finance about it.


Many thanks with this article/post, actually helpful.

Courtney Hepple

I will be over 25 and seeking to try to get an upkeep loan. Have always been I appropriate in thinking SFE won’t need certainly to ask my moms and dads their home earnings, NI, monetary information or seek advice from HM Recenue and customs? It simply goes down personal earnings?

Jake Butler

Hi Courtney, i really believe that is true.


Hi, why do SFE require my wife’s earnings? Will she need certainly to spend if we don’t? Such as for example if we died / divorce proceedings or was at employment not as much as ?25k (sorry it is a miserable concern! )


Have always been I right in thinking that both the education loan together with maintenance loan are both written down after 39 yrs?

Jake Butler

Hi Neil, the loans are combined right into a lump sum in relation to your payment. What this means is both are written down after three decades ( perhaps perhaps not 39).


Many Thanks Jake. We’m more or less to start out my 2nd 12 months and I did not submit an application for upkeep during my very very first 12 months when I thought I would personally need to pay it right back regardless of what. I may besides go on it then because it to truth i might never ever repay it if I do not make adequate to clear it all at 30yr. Thank you


Hi there, i will be learning company in the united kingdom then moving up to the usa to accomplish a masters level in your free time while working over there. Graduate functions in your community I would like to work with begin at around $50 000 a 12 months, that is around ?35 000. Exactly exactly How would the repayments work with this? We understand I must spend 9% of ?14,000 which may be around ?130 a but how would i do this month? Would i need to create an order that is standing of kind to pay for cash to the loan? Would i must spend worldwide transfer charges and alter the quantity we spend on a monthly basis in accordance with trade prices or would here be a method to work on this immediately?

Jake Butler

Hi Kai, you can easily contact the figuratively speaking company while they must have the payment thresholds for every single country that is separate.

Great Glen

The dining table for home earnings and upkeep loan are wrong, we have actually gotten significantly less loan pertaining to family members earnings

Jake Butler

Hi Glen, there is a couple of things right here.

The dining dining table is dependant on student residing out of the house and away from London.

The dining dining dining table had been additionally recently updated and it is on the basis of the stats when it comes to 2018/19 term.

Both these things will be why you likely received less.


Hello. I will be intending to learn in 2010. I’ve an EU citizenship and been located in the united kingdom for pretty much 4 years. Am I entitled to the upkeep loan?

Jake Butler

Hi Dan, unfortuitously the national federal federal government site states you’ll want been residing in the united kingdom for at the least 5 years before starting your studies to become entitled to an upkeep loan as an EU nationwide in britain.


Hello. Does which have become 5 consecutive years? I have additionally resided in the united kingdom when I had been a youngster.

Jake Butler

This has become consecutive in so far as I’m mindful.


HI there, great post. I am seeking to start Full-Time this present year. I have already been surviving in the united kingdom for more than five years now. We became EU resident around 6, which means that my parents aren’t EU resident but still reside in Argentina. We completely help myself plus don’t get hardly any money from their store but in any instance exactly how would I work out showing their earnings from over here or would i need to take action first of all? We are now living in London and my annual earnings goes well under ?25.000.

Jake Butler

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